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Let me say from the start that I am a fortunate man. I have had the chance to travel, to see places that I have dreamed about all of my life. I have walked through the streets of Moscow, been on safari in Kenya, and traveled throughout Europe. I was born and raised in Dunfermline Scotland. I was active in the scouting movement, which gave me my first opportunity to travel.
In 1984 I was given my first camera, and was instantly hooked. In 1996 my work in the electronics industry took me to Dublin Ireland where I lived for six years. I now live in Fort Worth Texas with my wife Deanna and our dogs, Harold and Maude.
The photographs on our website reflect my travels and my way of looking at the world. Photography can capture a moment for all time. It can take you back to places you have been or transport you to places you have always dreamed of going. It can touch a place inside you, and make you smile or laugh or even cry. It can turn a back alley full of beer kegs into art or make you see a wizard in a waterfall. It can bring back or create memories. It can turn the commonplace into the extraordinary.
Please take the time to stop and look at my work. I hope that you will be inspired to pick up a camera and find out what your world looks like....welcome to mine.
-Craig Scotland

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  May 7th, 2012 by Anonymous

I have several of Craig's pieces in my house. Everytime I visit one of their booths, I find something new to love!

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